Environmental crimes boost terrorists in Africa


Environmental crimes such as wildlife trafficking and illegal logging have overtaken the drug trade as the major income source for militias and terrorists in the DRC, Kenya, Mali, Somalia and elsewhere around the world, accounting for more than a third of their revenue.

A new report by global policing agency Interpol, shows that of the $30,2 billion in illicit flows generated annually in conflict zones alone to fund terror groups like Islamic State, Al Shabaab, Boko Haram and Taliban, 38 percent comes from illegal deals in timber, mining, fishing and charcoal.

The drug trade accounts for 28 percent, illegal taxation 26 percent, and kidnappings and foreign donations, 3 percent each.

“The interest in natural resources is rising, especially gold and other minerals, and timber, among many armed and criminal groups, and this can be currently seen in the Great Lakes region of Africa.


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